Lesson #1

Rejection-proof your approach!

- Video Recap -

Have Fun & Destroy Fear

Let’s do it. Here’s your first of three FREE videos on how to confidently approach any woman, day or night. Video 1 reveals two powerful mindsets that will eradicate fear and make you literally rejection-proof! With your newfound confidence, you’ll have a lot more fun—and a lot more dates.

Lesson #2

The Magic Words to Make Her Smile

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How to Craft the Perfect Icebreaker

Do you often see a girl you want to meet, but you don’t know what to say? Watch video 2 and you’ll always have the perfect icebreaker. If you aren’t using this technique, it’s costing you. It’s a classy move to capture a woman’s attention anywhere, from bars to cafes to your gym.  

Lesson #3

4 Triggers for Instant Attraction

- Video Recap -

Guess what? I saved the best for last...

In your final FREE video on approaching, you’ll learn the four attraction triggers to get a great response. The top trigger? Your voice. Poor vocal tonality causes rejections. Fear not. You’ll soon speak in a way that makes her think, “Who is this confident guy?” Watch this video—and watch your number of dates double.