Dating Coach For Guys on Approaching Women With Unstoppable Confidence

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Pop quiz! What’s the secret to meeting and attracting amazing women, as your most authentic, confident self? Answer: a good approach. Here’s how to approach women with unstoppable confidence from me, Connell Barrett, a dating coach for guys. Why should you listen to me? I used to have trouble approaching women and spent years with…

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Connell Barrett Discusses Confidence and Authenticity with

I’m psyched to share this. has done a feature story on me and how I help guys date amazing women by being more authentic.   Here’s the link: The feature talks about my main message: any guy can attract amazing women by harnessing the power of his authenticity—no games and no manipulative “pickup”…

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How to Pick Up Girls by Being Authentic, and NOT some Creepy “Pick-up Guy”

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Even if You’re Introverted and Have Never Approached Women Before I hear it all time from guys who want to learn how to pick up girls. They say, “Connell, I want to know how to approach women. I want to pick up girls. But I feel anxiety, and I don’t want to be that creepy…

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15 Ways to Attract Amazing Women as the REAL You—No Sketchy “Pickup” Moves Needed

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Success with women is not about looks, money or “pickup” tricks. Here’s the secret, in eight simple words. Ready? Be your most authentic self—and take action. To elaborate, let me tell you about Ken. When I met him, Ken was 25 and still a virgin. He’d never even kissed a girl. The thing is, he…

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