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YOU Can Date Beautiful Women by Using the Power of Authenticity—Because Girls Are Attracted to the REAL You

It's time to become the man you were meant to be!

Hey, Connell Barrett here, and I’m gonna take a wild guess...

You have a LOT going for you—a good career, great friends, maybe a quirky hobby. (So you’re into whittling. No judgment.) But you struggle in one area: your love life.

Chances are, you’re not dating the kinds of women you want. You see beautiful girls you’d love to approach, but something stops you. Or maybe you do meet great women, but they banish you to the “friend zone.” Or perhaps you barely date at all because you believe you lack looks, height or money.

NYC Dating Coach Connell Barrett

It’s frustrating. And it shouldn’t be this way. You deserve high-quality women in your life, but fear and self-doubt hold you back.

I get it. I spent two decades having almost zero dating luck.

In my mind, I just wasn’t “that guy” girls went for. Not handsome, cool or confident enough. And feeling rejected by an entire gender takes a toll. I walked through the world feeling insignificant as a man. But I have great news...

Anyone can learn to attract amazing women simply by being authentic—because girls like you for YOU.

I know this from a lot of personal experience. One weekend in 2009, I attended a 3-day dating “boot-camp” in New York City. With a coach at my side, I approached over 100 women and discovered a powerful truth.

Dating success isn’t about looks, status or pickup lines. It’s about authenticity. When you convey your true personality, you give a woman a singular experience: the real you.

Dating is about authenticity.

I remember the moment everything clicked.

I was on a trendy rooftop bar when I saw a Zooey Deschanel lookalike. While the thought of talking to her made me anxious, I had a dating coach as a secret weapon.

He suggested a unique approach: tell the truth.

Be honest, vulnerable. I walked up to her and said, “Hi. I’m actually pretty shy, but I had to meet you.” She smiled, her blue eyes widening. “Wow—you’re so real and direct,” she said. “I’m Amy.” Instant chemistry.

I remember thinking, “Wait—you can just walk up, be yourself and get gorgeous girls into you?” I was hooked.

(That’s right: You could even talk about your love of whittling.)

In the nine years since, I’ve traveled the world—L.A., New York, London, Barcelona, Rome—studying male-female attraction.

I’ve trained with 13 top dating experts.

I cracked the code, learning what works and what doesn’t, and my results skyrocketed. I’ve coached more than 100 guys to success.

Flirting with two ladies!!

Let’s play “What if…”

  • What if you DON'T need fixing.
  • What if a lot of women would be into you, if they met the real you.
  • What if you’re already enough, already worthy—and only need the right guide.

Here's my vision for you...

You’ll meet more beautiful women, have more fun, enjoy more dating options, feel more freedom, have more confidence and be more authentic.

When you walk into that crowded bar, or head out for that “big date,” or text the girl you’re really into, you’ll have towering confidence and know exactly what moves to make.

Take it from me and my nine years’ experience: This WILL happen for you—if you want it to.

I want to help you have YOUR
Dating Transformation.

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I give my clients a simple roadmap, called the A.C.E. Attraction System.

The A is for authenticity—sharing your real personality. C is for clarity—letting women know you’re interested. And E is for expressiveness—it’s your humor, your opinions, your life story.

You see, most guys hide behind false personas when they date. This waters down their personality, making them less attractive. But when you play your A.C.E. card—when you align Authenticity, Clarity and Expressiveness—you become your most confident, charismatic self. And women love confident men.

How does my dating coaching work?

Just 3 easy steps...

You heard that right—I help you attract the kinds of women you thought were out of your league.

Think of me as your ultimate wingman as you hit the town to attract cool, classy women at clubs, bars and lounges, and in parks, cafes and bookstores.

You’ll get everything you need to know about success with women—how to approach, how to flirt, how to get numbers, how to dial up chemistry, how to smoothly move in for the kiss (in a way she’ll love), how to plan a great date, and more.


I’ll push your comfort zone and offer expert feedback for instant fixes that stick.

Plus you’ll access my personal vault of tip-of-the-spear techniques, drills and mindsets, including…

  • The secret to bullet-proof confidence
  • 10 Texting Commandments to guarantee she’ll always write back
  • 5 killer Tinder messages that never miss
  • 3 failsafe moves to turn Instagram into your personal date-generator
  • How to approach and literally never get rejected
  • Tips for structuring a perfect first date
  • The secret to shattering absolutely ANY limiting belief
  • How to move in for your first kissin a way she’ll love

I engineered my coaching to transform your life.

You will have breakthroughs. You will have epiphanies. You will experience the most personalized dating program in the world. (Trust me—I’ve taken all the others.)


Heads Up!

I like and respect women. I teach cutting-edge personal development, not sketchy “pickup” tricks.

My coaching is NOT for you if...

  • You see women as objects to be manipulated and “seduced”
  • You don't think you need to become a better man
  • You already have the dating life of your dreams
  • You don’t want to meet women of rare beauty
  • You’re unwilling to expand your comfort zone

But it's ABSOLUTELY for you if...

  • You want to feel more significant as a man
  • You want to approach and attract women anywhere
  • You want to feel free and more confident
  • You want to create instant chemistry with beautiful, unique women
  • You want to leave the “friend zone” for good
  • You want to be funnier, wittier and more charming
  • You want to be a man of action

Here are some stories from guys I've worked with...

  • Allen, 27 Allen, 27 Ann Arbor, MI
    At the bars, I would see all these attractive girls, but I couldn’t talk to them. I felt powerless. Stuck. Connell gave me a simple, step-by-step system. I now feel more present, real and vulnerable—not just with girls but at work and with my friends. I’m much more open and at ease, and people tell me I’m more likable. Connell made a big difference in my life. I feel like more of a man.
    Read Allen's full story
  • Zack, 33 Zack, 33 Brooklyn, NY
    What’s two hours with Connell like? Imagine Tony Robbins taught a dating program. You leave transformed, and totally juiced to take action from an authentic place. Forget girls—I experienced some deep inner shifts that helped me in my career and my finances. We went deep. I’d recently paid another company $1,500 for a 7-day program, but two hours with Connell was worth more than that. His program was priceless.
    Read more client stories
  • Brad, 32 Brad, 32 Manhattan, NY
    I had taken a program with a popular dating company, and my results had gotten worse. When I reached out to Connell, I hadn’t had any luck in two months. I’d heard his coaching is very personalized, and it’s true. He gives guys a system designed just for them. I went out with Connell and damn - what a night! I hadn’t connected with a great girl in months, and my first night out with Connell, it all clicked. And within a week, I was dating three girls. Slump over!
    Read Brad's full story

If you've read this far, you're at a crossroads.

To the left lies a rocky path marked by frustration and self-doubt.

To the right is a less-traveled road leading to emotional connections with women and a reconnection with your manhood. Which will you choose?

It's time to get coaching. And the first step?

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Swedish woman

The women in Sweden are beyond beautiful…

Several years ago, I took a dating program in Stockholm, where I met Maja, an intelligent, artsy Swede. She taught me about cubism, and I taught her about the Beatles. In her loft apartment overlooking Lake Malaren, we drank red wine and slow-danced to side 2 of Abbey Road. I wouldn’t trade that weekend for anything.

But if I’d never taken action, we wouldn’t have met.

It’s said that the saddest words are “what might have been.” Trust me: You don’t want to one day wonder, “What women, what moments, what memories could I have had?”

So take action. Get coaching. The stakes are high. This is your love life. How much has inaction already cost you? How many more women will you let slip away because you didn’t take a chance?

Are you ready to change your life?

Your dating transformation starts NOW.


Kyle's Story

"Connell took me from having no dates to 3 dates in 3 days!"