Lesson #1

The first step to a confident approach

- Video Recap -

The best mindset trick you've heard this year

We went to Hotel Chantelle, and I was ready for another full night of approaching, and literally the second girl I talked to was hooked.

I was with her the whole night.

So Connell didn’t have to work that hard. His teaching is very personalized, and he gives you a lot of great notes and missions to do after his program.

I was intimidated about being back in the dating world, but now I’m excited.

I can’t wait to go out. Thanks, Connell.

- Success Stories -

"Connell likes and respects women"

I’ve taken a lot of coaching programs, and two things make Connell stand out.

First, he doesn’t treat women as “targets” to be conquered. He has a heart. He likes women and wants them to connect with cool guys. (He told me: “I love women. I have all their albums.”) In fact, he turns down guys who seem sketchy or the slightest bit misogynistic.

That’s a refreshing change, because so many dating gurus are about “banging hos” and “destroy her defenses” and “last minute resistance.” It’s so gross.

He showed me that nice guys can connect with beautiful women. Second, his program is by far the most personalized out there.

He is obsessed with learning what you want (I want a girlfriend to settle down with) and making sure you get it. And Connell knows every tool and technique in book to get you the results you want.

I haven’t settled yet, but I now have a lot more options.

- Douglas, 36

Consultant, Washington D.C.

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