Learn How to Approach Women, Gain Confidence, and Attract Your Dream Girlfriend

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Dating Sucks but You Don't

How to Approach Women, Gain Confidence, and Attract Your Dream Girlfriend

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Imagine You Can...

Instantly Know How to Approach Women

Feel More Confident and Attractive

Find A Bright, Beautiful Girlfriend

Approach and Attract Beautiful Women

Flirt with Confidence and Charm

Get Quality Matches on the Apps

But some big problems stand in your way, such as…


You want to learn how to approach women, but anxiety holds you back


You don’t know how to flirt and spark chemistry when talking to or texting girls


You don’t get many (or any!) quality matches and dates on Tinder and the apps


Desirable women don’t see you as that “hot guy” they want to date


You feel you’re not tall, rich, handsome, or “cool” enough to attract quality women

Learn How Connell Will Transform Your Dating Confidence & Help You Attract Your Dream Girlfriend:

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    Dating coach Connell Barrett helped me go from a 5-year slump without a girlfriend to getting lots of dates. I’m now engaged to an incredible woman, and I did it as the real me, not some weird pickup guy.”

    —Victor, 37, New York City

The secret to confidence and dating success?
Be Radically Authentic. 
Show women your best, true self.

When you’re Radically Authentic, you unlock your most awesome, charismatic self—the man you are at your core. You become more motivated, more attractive, and more confident. 

And women LOVE confident men.

  • dating transformation quotes

    I wanted to approach women at my gym, but I’m introverted, and I never want to seem creepy. Connell’s strategies showed me how to chat and flirt with charm, and I was soon dating the cutest girl in my yoga class. I feel so confident and attractive. Connell’s the man!”

    —Dave, 28, Philadelphia

My new book, “Dating Sucks but You Don’t,” has ALL my best dating secrets. It’s your step-by-step guide to gain confidence, learn to flirt, and get a great girlfriend.
My step-by-step framework will teach you...
To become magnetic to beautiful women, even if you’re not tall, rich or good-looking
How to escape the “friend zone” on first dates
To destroy fear and doubt and land a great girlfriend
How to approach women with total confidence—even if you’re introverted
Secrets to getting high-quality matches and dates on Tinder, Bumble or any app
Exactly what to say or text to spark chemistry

Meet your Dating Coach:

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Meet dating coach Connell Barrett, and learn why his new book, “Dating Sucks but You Don’t,” will help you attract wonderful women as your most confident, authentic self.

Don't settle for less than you deserve.
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  • dating transformation quotes

    I was getting no matches on Tinder and Bumble. Connell changed my photos and bio, and the next day, boom! I had 17 new matches with lots of cool, sexy women. Online-dating is now fun.”

    —Kevin, 49, Chicago

NYC Dating Coach Connell Barrett

106 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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