ASK THE DATING COACH: How to Confidently Approach Women. Plus: Emoji Tips & (Non-Sketchy!) Pickup Lines

My clients often ask me “Why Am I So Afraid to Approach Women?” Blame your caveman brain. Here’s how to become fearless when you want to meet a gorgeous girl. “Connell, I have a successful business, and I’m confident in most areas. Why am I petrified to approach a pretty girl?”~ Ken, Cleveland OH I’ve…

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Top 5 Questions for an NYC Dating Coach

What a dating expert can do for a man’s confidence and results Hey, happy New Year! Connell here with Dating Transformation, helping you attract amazing women as your most authentic, confident self. As a dating coach with five years of experience, I’ve seen a lot of patterns. I get a lot of the same questions…

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You want to know what to say on Tinder . Here are 3 secrets for online dating success, from a dating expert If you’re like a lot of guys, Tinder and online dating is a struggle for you. Do ANY of these problems sound familiar? You swipe and swipe but get few matches & dates.…

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Tinder Tips, Tricks, & Myths

What to Say on Tinder: Myths Exposed! 7 Tinder Tips from a dating coach to get more matches I hear a lot of the same comments and questions over and over again. How do you text a girl? What’s the best way to approach? Tell me what to say on Tinder! Got any good Tinder…

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From Dateless to Dating Coach: What I’ve Learned Working with Dozens of Dating Experts and Consultants

Dateless to Dating Coach

Just so you know, I’m not like other dating coaches and dating consultants. First of all, unlike most other “experts,” I personally faced—and fixed—every single common problem that men have in the dating arena. Feeling beautiful women are out of  your league? Check. Anxiety when you want to approach that gorgeous girl but something holds…

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Dating After Divorce

Tips from a dating coach: How to be single after a long relationship and how to move on after divorce   It’s been said that divorce is like construction: It always takes longer and costs more than you predicted.   Add to that the sheer trauma of untying the knot. Take it from a dating…

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tinder matchmaker

TINDER CONVERSATION STARTERS – WHAT TO SAY Take it from a dating coach: Here’s what to say on Tinder, and what not to say Tinder gets a bad rap. “It’s just for hooking up,” I hear. “You can’t find a real relationship on an app.” Hey, I totally get it. To be sure, Tinder has…

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Q&A with a Dating Coach, Part 2

From “how to pick up girls” to how to be a “bad boy,” here’s part 2 of a conversation with NYC dating coach Connell Barrett on attracting amazing women by being authentic Here’s part 2 of an interview I did with a British writer named Will Palmer. As an NYC dating coach, I have a…

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Q&A with a Dating Coach, Part 1

Connell Barrett - Photo 2018

One of NYC’s top dating coaches with expert answers and advice. From “how to pick up girls” to escaping the friend zone, a conversation with NYC dating coach Connell Barrett on how to attract amazing women—by being authentic Here’s part 1 of an interview I did with a British writer named Will Palmer. He was…

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The BEST Dating Advice for Men

Take it from an NYC Dating Coach: This Is How to Pick Up Girls without being a Creepy Pickup Artist The very best dating advice for men? It comes down to two words: I call it “Radical Authenticity.”   When you’re being radically authentic with people, you’re at your most confident, comfortable, charismatic—and that makes…

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