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How To Create Chemistry: 9 Simple Moves to Escape the ‘Friend Zone’ and Make Sparks Fly on Your Next Date
In this column, dating coach Connell Barrett shows you how to create chemistry with women so you can make sparks fly. Hey, Connell! I’ve been struggling in my conversations with women. I know I need to be “Man-to-Woman, like you say in your book. Otherwise, you end up in the friend zone. I’m tired of mediocre dates, and women saying “I just didn’t feel…
How To Go From Dating To Relationship
In this article, dating coach for men Connell Barrett shows you how to go from dating to relationship and how to determine if she's "the one." My client Richard (Higher Self name: “Slick Rick”) had solved his biggest problem: not knowing how to talk to women. Now, he wanted more. He wanted a great girlfriend.  A real estate investor of Indian ancestry, Richard had…
Dating Openers and Conversation Starters for Guys
Dating coach Connell Barrett gives examples of dating openers and conversation starters for guys. Dating Openers Connell, once I’m in a conversation with a woman, I’m good! But it’s that first “approach” that just gets me so shoved in my head. I see cute girls everywhere–at the gym, at the bar, or a party—and I just freeze up. What do I say? And how…
Top 7 Advanced Techniques On How To Get A Date With A Girl When The Odds Seem Stacked Against You
Dating Coach Connell Barrett reveals his top 7 “advanced ninja dating moves” to help you figure out how to get a date with a girl when the situation seems doomed. This'll help you start thinking about how to turn situations around in your favor. How To Get A Date With A Girl Who Is Casually Dating Already Hey, Connell. Your book, “Dating Sucks but You…
What To Say To Women
Dating Coach Connell Barrett reveals the 5 Master Steps to confidently approach women. Learn what to say to women without any creepy “pickup” moves. What To Say To Women There’s so much information out there on how to approach women that it gets me stuck in my head. What do I say? What do I not say? Can you help me simplify things? I…
How To Appear Confident And Attractive When You Approach A Woman
Dating Coach Connell Barrett on the 5 secrets for steely confidence, so you can learn how to appear confident and attractive as you approach women and attract a great girlfriend  How to Appear Confident and Attractive to Get the Girl Connell, it’s so hard for me to approach women. I can be so confident around my friends, but when I see a cute girl…
Can Short Guys Be Attractive
Dating Coach Connell Barrett talks about how short guys can be attractive to tall women, the “nice guy” dating myth, and the way to approach women with charm and confidence. Can Short Guys Be Attractive I’m about 5-foot-five, my lack of height really hurts my confidence with women. All I hear about is how women want guys who are 6-feet or taller. I think…
How to Flirt over Text
Connell Barrett, a dating coach for men, answers your questions about how to flirt over text, how to approach with confidence, and how to escape the friend zone. How to Flirt over Text Hey, Connell. The problem I’m facing is that I’ll get a woman’s number from Tinder or Bumble, but then she’ll go quiet and lose interest as we text. It’s so frustrating…
How to Write a Dating Profile
Dating coach Connell Barrett answers your questions on how to write a dating profile and how to make sparks fly on first dates. How to Write A Dating Profile Photos are the most important piece of real estate on your dating-app profile, but if you’re not getting the kinds of matches you want, odds are you have to learn how to write a dating…
How to Compliment a Girl
Dating coach Connell Barrett answers your questions on how to compliment a girl, why your looks just don’t matter, and a simple tip to confidently approach women. How to Compliment a Girl Connell, I really need to know how to compliment a girl. I know from your book that it’s important to create a “man-to-woman” frame when you’re talking to a woman, but every…
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