Meet Your Dating Coach

Dating Transformation is a Dating Coaching Service that works with men all over the country.

I’m Connell Barrett, founder and executive coach of Dating Transformation. My mission: To help you meet and attract amazing women as your most authentic, confident self.

Chances are, you struggle in this area. You see those girls you want to talk to, but anxiety and self-doubt hold you back. Or maybe you do meet attractive women, but they either reject you or banish you to the “friend zone.”

I’ve been there. (Hell, I owned a condo there.) I used to have zero luck with women. My dates almost always ended with those four sad words: Let’s just be friends. I felt frustrated—at times even hopeless. Girls just weren’t into me, and that made me feel like less of a man.

My low point? I met that rare woman who found me attractive, married her—and she left me nine weeks later. (I joked that we fought for custody of the wedding cake.) And no wonder: I was needy and lacked confidence.

Connell Barrett Dating Coach

I’d had enough. It was time to change. I decided to take massive action and discover what works with women.

Over the next nine years, I immersed myself in the art and psychology of male-female attraction. I traveled the world. I met women in L.A., New York, London, Stockholm, Oslo, and Barcelona.

In that time, I also trained with more than a dozen of the most elite dating and attraction coaches. I saw what worked. I saw what didn't. In time, I cracked the code, and my results skyrocketed. And now I deliver the same kinds of results for my clients.

The secret to success with women?

It’s not about money, status or pickup lines. It’s about authenticity—letting them experience your true self.

O - The Oprah Magazine, Maxim, Cosmopolitan
askmen, Today Show, Playboy
Authenticity, Clarity, and Expressiveness

Using what works and eliminating what doesn’t, I created my A.C.E. Dating System.

My clients learn in days or weeks what took me years to figure out: When you communicate with Authenticity, Clarity and Expressiveness, you channel your most confident self. And women love confident men.

To get my clients even better results, I’m enrolled in the Tony Robbins Coaching Academy. Why do I love being a dating coach?

Because the stakes are high. This is your love life.

The cost of doing nothing is steep: loneliness, settling, and (ahem) 9-week marriages. The rewards for taking action are immense, from connecting with bright, beautiful women to becoming the man you were meant to be.

Before I launched my dating coach service, I spent 17 years as a magazine journalist. I’ve written for Sports Illustrated, Esquire and Maxim. Now I use my writing skills for my blog, and in my free Facebook group, "How to Be Your Best Self & Get the Girl."

Learning success with women and dating changed my life. Taught properly, it’s a powerful form of self-development. Yes, I’ve met wonderful women, but I’ve also become more confident, more fun, more me.

Now it’s your turn. Let me guide you. Take it from someone who’s coached hundreds of men and met thousands of women: Girls are gonna love you…if they meet the real you.

Kyle's Story

"Connell took me from having no dates—to 3 dates in 3 days!"

!  Warning  !

If you want to learn a bunch of creepy, button-pushing tactics, then you and I are not a good fit. But if you want to become a more authentic, confident guy who takes action to attract classy, beautiful women who'll like you for YOU, then I’m your man.

I like and respect women. I DON'T teach manipulative "pickup" tricks.

I can’t wait to help you have your Dating Transformation.

It's time for you to meet and attract amazing women as your most authentic, confident self