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At the bars, I would see all these attractive girls, but I couldn’t talk to them. I felt powerless. Stuck. Connell gave me a simple, step-by-step system.

I now take so much action and meet many girls. We did a fun drill he got from Tony Robbins. You yell “Freedom!” as loud as you can, like in Braveheart, to get out of your head and into your body. He said women are drawn to men who are free in their voice and body.

I feel more present, real and vulnerable—not just with girls but at work and with my friends. I’m much more open and at ease, and people tell me I’m more likable.

Connell made a big difference in my life. I feel like more of a man. Freedom!!

- Allen, 27

Ann Arbor, Michigan


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Kyle's Story

"Connell took me from having no dates to 3 dates in 3 days!"


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I had taken a program with a popular dating company, and my results had gotten worse. When I reached out to Connell, I hadn’t had any luck in two months. I’d heard his coaching is very personalized, and it’s true. He gives guys a system designed just for them.

The phone assessment itself was almost worth the price. We talked for 90 minutes, all about my goals. That showed he was serious about getting me where I wanted to go—dating around so I choose a great girlfriend from a place of abundance.

Over dinner before our night out, Connell gave me his history. He barely dated in high school or college. He then tried every “game” style with almost every guru. He realized that what gets results is also what has the most integrity: authenticity.

He said, “Women don’t like your ‘game’—they like you, the real you. You don’t execute game. Game is your personality, your humor, your energy. You don’t do game. You are the game. And the game is you.”

Wow! I bought in, and we hadn’t even talked to a girl yet.

He’s a super-nice guy, but he can be a hard-ass coach when need be. When I refused to approach a hottie who was with some guy, Connell said, “Either you go in, or I’ll approach her with you in a headlock.” That did the trick!

When we went out, everything flowed easily, and I started getting phone numbers. It was easy. It was like I was hosting a party, not a guy out approaching.

Connell opened two brunettes, and we all liked each other. It was like a double-date. But he never stopping coaching, occasionally whispering or texting me directions to help me connect with my girl, like Hitch. (“Find out what makes her fascinating”, “Go deeper—what is she most passionate about?”). The four of us left together for drinks on a quiet rooftop.

What a night. I hadn’t connected with a great girl in months, and my first night out with Connell, it all clicked. And within a week, I was dating three girls. Slump over!

- Brad, 32

Project Supervisor, Manhattan


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Connell's program is about a lot more than dating beautiful women. It's about self-development--being more authentic, taking action, and blasting through limiting beliefs to achieve what you want. Our 2-hour session went deep. It was worth as much as a weeklong, $1,500 program I'd taken with another company.

- Zack, 33

Brooklyn, NY


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I was getting a lot of phone numbers, but about 90 percent of the women would flake on me—either not respond or become “busy.”

I didn’t know why. It was frustrating.

I thought maybe there was something wrong with me. Connell and I went out and he gave me some great tips. For example, I was ending the conversation as soon as I got a number.

He called me a “phone number bandit.” He explained that it makes a woman feel like her number was the “trophy.”

It’s better to stay and talk for a while. And he said I wasn’t making a personal connection with women—I was putting on a persona instead of being real and honest.
He showed me some simple techniques, and just like that, I was getting solid numbers. Women started grabbing my phone and putting their numbers in, and I now have too many dates. First-world problems!

- Jackson, 37

Plastic Surgeon, Beverly Hills


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I recently got divorced, and I haven’t dated for decades. And I tend to run out of things to say in social situations with people I don’t know.

I took Connell’s two-day program. He’s big into improv and uses improve drills to teach you how to talk and talk.

The first night, I had fun, started tons of conversations with women, but nothing really clicked. He said to be patient—that it might take more than one night after 20 years of marriage! Fair point. We made some adjustments for the second night.

Now that I was nice and social, he wanted me to be a lot more flirty and sexual.

Hhe showed me how to do it in a way that feels like ME, a classy gentleman, not someone else.We went to Hotel Chantelle, and I was ready for another full night of approaching, and literally the second girl I talked to was hooked. I was with her the whole night.
So Connell didn’t have to work that hard. His teaching is very personalized, and he gives you a lot of great notes and missions to do after his program.
I was intimidated about being back in the dating world, but now I’m excited. I can’t wait to go out. Thanks, Connell.

- Graham, 44

Physician, Newark


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It was very different from other programs. Connell was honest. He said, “You’ll either have the best night of your life with me or the worst.” He said that because I’m a student of the game, and I like to do routines and use scripts. I have taken boot-camps with Tyler from Real Social Dynamics. And Connell wanted me to forget almost all game and be more authentic and speak more sincerely.

He runs a good program. I like how simple he makes things. I was flirting with the waitress at the restaurant where we did pre-brief, and he put pressure on me to ask her out.

He has a motto: “What would you say to that girl if you knew she liked you?” He wants you to take chances, speak from the heart. That’s scary.
He knows all the techniques and escalations, but he says those things happen naturally if you just let them.
I felt less like a dancing monkey, and more like me. That was the “epiphany.” I can be myself.

- Javier, 52

Accountant, Atlantic City


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I’m pretty shy. I grew up in Asia, culturally very different than the USA. When I walk up to a girl, my heart pounds and I go quiet.

Connell and I met up in a park and talked about my goals. He pointed out that my eye contact is poor, and my posture isn’t great.

He said, “Your eyes, voice and the way you carry your body announce your confidence to the world and to women.” We did some drills, and I instantly felt 25 percent more confident.

I felt like a different person, and we hadn’t even talked to girls yet. He ended the seminar portion with useful tips on how to structure a date. That was huge because my online dates tend to go nowhere, but he showed me how to stay out of the Friend Zone forever. That tip alone was worth the price.

Then we went to talk to girls. He did a demo for me. A stylish girl in a black dress was standing above a subway grate, and Connell rolled up and said, “I like your Marilyn Monroe impression.” She laughed. They chatted, he brought me into the conversation, and then he showed how easy it is to get a number. “Forget about pickup lines,” he said. “We’re just breaking the ice, sharing good vibes. Zero pressure.” He puts you at-ease.

We got to Barnes & Noble and my anxiety kicked in. He could tell I was nervous. “It’s OK,” he said. “I was petrified the first time I approached girls. But you’ll get relaxed.” He had me approach a girl in jean shorts, the cutest girl there.
I felt so awkward and scared. I got a harsh rejection and ejected. Connell high-fived me. “Nice! All that matters is you took action. And she wasn’t rejecting you. It was your vocal tonality—you came across as too timid.”
After that, the coolest thing happened. That one approach calmed me down. If that was as bad as it got, it wasn’t anything to get stressed about. We did some more approaches, and I felt better, more confident. And then I saw an adorable girl in cowboy boots. Connell said, “Go talk to her—and be loud.” I did, and she really liked me. She’s from Texas and had a huge smile on her face the whole time we talked.
I went from barely being able to make eye contact to connecting with a cool, cute girl from Texas. After our session, Connell sent me a list of tips and feedback about what to work on.
He is my dating sensei! So glad I signed up.

- Jing, 32

Software Developer, Brooklyn


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I’ve taken a lot of coaching programs, and two things make Connell stand out.

First, he doesn’t treat women as “targets” to be conquered. He has a heart. He likes women and wants them to connect with cool guys. (He told me: “I love women. I have all their albums.”) In fact, he turns down guys who seem sketchy or the slightest bit misogynistic.

That’s a refreshing change, because so many dating gurus are about “banging hos” and “destroy her defenses” and “last minute resistance.” It’s so gross.

He showed me that nice guys can connect with beautiful women. Second, his program is by far the most personalized out there.
He is obsessed with learning what you want (I want a girlfriend to settle down with) and making sure you get it. And Connell knows every tool and technique in book to get you the results you want.
I haven’t settled yet, but I now have a lot more options.

- Douglas, 36

Consultant, Washington D.C.


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I took his three-day program, which includes detailed, personalized, on-point feedback—and Connell’s a professional writer. Almost 20 pages of insight and drills. I read every word twice, and I’ll continue reading it before I go out. His write-up constitutes half the value of the bootcamp, and that isn’t diminishing the value of the weekend.

He gave 100 percent presence and attention to just two people. It’s rare to get full presence from anyone, whether you’re paying them or not. I learned lot about presence just hanging out with him. It must be exhausting to give such a laser focus for three days, but it was worth it because I absorbed so much. It makes you totally trust him, and now I want to go balls to the wall implementing his advice.

Connell took a lot of other programs, especially with RSD. He’s also gone through the Tony Robbins coaching programs, and is a deep reader and thinker.
So it’s no surprise that he’s created something new. Everyone gets a different experience.
Yes, he has his own take—I’d call it “radical authenticity”—but what makes it kick every program’s ass is that Connell has an amazing ability to diagnose your issue and to fix it. That could mean inner game, technique, or both. So many other “pickup” teachers just give you a laundry list of technique.
Connell does an MRI on your entire personality and reveals exactly what you need.

I should add that the way he teaches, you don’t feel like you’re hitting on girls or doing game. You just feel like a charismatic, confident man who women want to be around.

It’s amazing how small adjustments can make a huge difference. At Hotel Chantelle, I was talking to a couple girls. I have posture issues. I hunch over and hold my arms out in front of me. Connell called me T-Rex, and explained that when you fix your physiology—when you assume a “power posture”—you instantly feel better and stronger.

I was getting rejected fast and furious, until Connell came over during an interaction and whispered, “T-Rex, stand up straight,” while pulling me upwards. I went from Clark Kent to Superman. I felt amazing, and when you feel amazing, women respond to you very differently.

You better believe that “T-Rex” will echo in my mind when my back softens and hands creep up to my chest.

“Spastic” was how he described how I carry myself in a club. It’s something I’d vaguely felt, but nobody had the balls to call me out on it. Thank God he did. This is the specific end of his teaching, and it’s just as helpful as the big-picture stuff.
In our final talk, he painted a powerful vision. He likes to use “modeling” to help men see their potential.
He said, “You’re deeply intellectual, soulful, artsy, angsty—you’re a young James Franco, with a hint of Jesse Eisenberg. Women who like that type are gonna love you.” That hit me like a bolt because he absolutely nailed how I feel when I’m at my best.
He gave me an experience I would have paid $10,000 to have. This weekend changed my life.

- Kevin, 24

Entrepreneur, Los Angeles
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