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How to Make Her Your Girlfriend, in 7 Easy Moves

Featuring NYC Dating Coach Connell Barrett
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In this episode, learn how to make her your girlfriend by moving from just seeing each other into a real relationship.

So you’ve been dating an incredible woman (YES! You deserve it!). But you’re not sure how to go from “just dating” to “boyfriend-girlfriend”? Should you bring it up, or should she? How many dates until you suggest being a couple? What if she turns you down? Could you end up losing her? It’s confusing.

When you feel you’ve found The One, it helps to have a plan. In this episode of the Dating Transformation podcast, dating coach Connell Barrett gives you the playbook to turn the wonderful woman you’re seeing into your romantic partner. How? He shares 7 simple moves to go from “seeing each other” to “loving, connected relationship.” Listen and learn how to make her your girlfriend now!



"If you want an awesome woman in your life, you need an awesome life into which to invite her."

-Connell Barrett

"But when you settle, you miss out on finding the right person. So just don't settle."

-Connell Barrett

Featured in the episode

Connell Barrett
Founder and Executive Coach of Dating Transformation


00:05 - Introduction
05:46 - Transition to Exclusive Dating: Richard's Success
06:23 - Confidence for Dream Girlfriends
07:23 - Timing Matters: When to Commit to Your Ideal Partner
09:25 - Aligning Life Goals: Building a Strong Foundation
10:22 - The Path to Your Girlfriend: Embrace Your Standards
17:10 - The Key to Attracting the Right Partner
18:32 - Confidence in Action: Taking Charge in Small Ways
20:47 - The Manly Side: Acts of Protection and Care
24:28 - Timing and Location: Choosing the Perfect Setting
27:17 - Seeking Fulfillment: Embracing Meaningful Connections
28:56 - Giving and Growing with Your Partner29:59 - Outro

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Dating Transformation - E35Intro:


By the way, if you turn into an actual heart eye emoji, consult a doctor immediately.


Welcome to the dating transformation podcast. Here's your host, Dating Coach, Connell Barrett.


Connell Barrett:


Alright. Welcome back to the dating information podcast. I'm your host, Connell Barrett. I'm a dating coach for men. I help men learn to flirt, get a lot of dates, a lot of confidence, and then get a great girlfriend, all by being authentic. No weird pickup artist moves needed. And A lot of guys ask me sort of like the one of the most common questions I hear is so, Connell, like, basically, what do you do in a sentence or 2? and I say, well, if I had to boil it down to a sentence, I say, I help men authentically and confidently meet and connect with women, awesome quality women, get dating abundance, meaning have lots of good dating options and then choose a great girlfriend from those options. And today, I wanna talk to you about the really fun part which is when you get to that point where you have dating abundance, the self doubt is gone. The lack of dates is gone, not knowing how to flirt, you essentially get to that point where you say to yourself, boy, it's been really fun dating. Sarah was fantastic, and Ashley was a fun fling. And, you know, I thought it might work out with Sarah. But, gosh, there's something special about this girl, Allison. I think I wanna choose her. I think I want her to be my girlfriend. And that's a great place to be in where you get to choose a really wonderful woman from some nice high quality options because guess what? If she's a beautiful inside and out woman, she's gonna have lots of options in her life, and she's gonna be choosing you from some a host of quality options. So today's podcast is about how to essentially seal the deal. with that woman who is that dream, awesome girlfriend who you've been wanting your whole life. And that's what this is about. I wanna tell you a little bit about my client, Richard. Richard came to me, and he had solved his biggest day problem. His biggest problem was he just did not know how to talk to women. And now that he was dating some wonderful women, he decided he wanted more. So Richard is a real estate investor. He's of Indian ancestry. I've coached a lot of men of Middle Eastern and Indian ancestry. And he basically said to me, you know, in Indian culture and Indian families, you're basically encouraged not to date. And what I was able to help Richard with was he said, hey. You really helped me learn sort of the art of connection. I grew up focusing on studies on my career, And I just figured I'd magically get married, and he had never learned how to flirt. And those walls went up. It was really hard for him to meet women at first. So working with me, I'm glad to say, Richard was able to, knock down those walls, and he found himself dating a few women at the same time having a quote unquote roster, I guess you can say, And having a roster, while that sounds good, and there's nothing wrong with it, it didn't really fulfill him. What he really wanted was a relationship. Preferably with a woman whose name is Sharrah. Sharrah is a really sweet, smart, pretty confident health care worker. And Richard and Sharra had a couple dates, and it was going well, but he wasn't sure how to essentially take it further. I remember what I'm saying, a little way, like, about 5 to 6 dates into their courtship, he said, what do you do? How do I tell her I want her to be my girlfriend? Do I just bring it up? I'm not sure. What should I do? So I advised him to shift to going from dating mode, which is the mode he was in. into giving a woman what I call the boyfriend experience. That is showing her what a relationship with you would be like. Basically, you fake it until you make it official. Make the relationship official. And you date a woman, almost like she's already your girlfriend. because if you know you want a woman to be your girlfriend fairly early on, what you can do is create a frame, and I call that the boyfriend experience frame. So instead of going out for drinks and dinners, which they'd already done a few times, Richard asked Sarah to pick out clothes with him. at Urban Outfitters. They went to yoga class together. They shopped at Whole Foods. I remember there was one date where he introduced her to his friends and coworkers. He booked weekly dates with her instead of sort of playing it loose, playing it more casual. and pretty soon she was reciprocating. She was asking him to join her and her girlfriends for brunch. and he said that they just both clicked and it was becoming very natural as they began to both assume the boyfriend girlfriend roles. So you're going from dating mode to boyfriend girlfriend mode, even if you haven't put that label on it yet. And then when Richard asked her to date exclusively, she said yes. And 8 months later,



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He dropped to one knee. and proposed in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge. So awesomely cheesy. I love it. romantic and cheesy in the best way. Because when you find the one woman you wanna be your girlfriend and you feel like she's your soulmate or is becoming your soulmate, it's good to have a plan. So, in the rest of today's pod, I wanna give you a plan, basically, how to go from dating her to making her your girlfriend if that's what you and she both want. So here's the first thought I have for you. When it comes to choosing whether or not you wanna get into a relationship with a girl, Keep in mind that the woman you're dating and the situation you're in will fall into 1 of 4 categories depending on where you are, in your search for love. So here are the 4 categories. 1st category is wrong person, wrong time. This is when you could just tell the woman you're dating is not a good fit for you, and you don't even want a relationship. But dating sucks, and you don't wanna be alone, so you relent and you just settle for dating her. This is the ultimate in settling, and, unfortunately, it's what a lot of men do. That's the wrong person, the wrong time. The 2nd category is the wrong person, the right time. That's when you're ready to commit to somebody you have a scarcity of options. So you settle for what you can get. And this is most men. This is most men. Basically, I want somebody. right time, but I can't find the right person, and so I settle. The next category is a slightly higher quality problem, but still a problem, which is right for me, but at the wrong time. That means you weren't looking for romance, but how could you not lock this woman down as the one for you? She's too awesome. She's too incredible. So it's a quality problem to have, but it's still a problem. And then the ideal situation is the right person, at the right time. In other words, she's got the brains, she's got the beauty, she's kind, she's the whole package, and you guys totally click and she just basically turns you into a human heart eye emoji. By the way, if you turn into an actual heart eye emoji, consult a doctor immediately. And in these situations, you just know you're ready to dive in. And this is the ideal right person, right time. And as men, deep down, we all want true love. Right? but we tend to settle for something comfortable and convenient, something, quote, unquote, good enough. but when you settle you miss out on finding the right person. So just don't settle. Don't settle. My whole dating coach career is about helping men be able to choose a great loving relationship, a great girlfriend, from some nice nice options when it's the right time. So I want you to be in the right person, right time. So don't settle for good enough. This is too important. This is your love life. So raise your standards. Go after a truly great relationship with a quality girl who is right for you. Now if you feel like she might be the right person at the right time, you wanna ask yourself three important questions before pursuing a relationship. Question number 1 is asking, do we just fit? Do your soul's dovetail? Do you just fit, listen to your gut, your gut knows? number 2 is asking the question, does our life do our big life stuff align, capital b, capital l, capital underline. This is our big life stuff aligned. In other words, are you compatible in those big areas that are those core values, like wanting family, religious views, political beliefs, cultural backgrounds, now granted you may only want a girlfriend right now, not a wife or a lifelong partner, but a great relationship should have strong long term potential. So you wanna have that big life stuff in common. And that's gonna change from person to person. What I mean is your big life stuff is your choice for me. My partner, Jess, we had to have the same political backdrop background, which we do. the same cultural background, which we do, and also just the same kind of sense of humor and personalities. We dovetail in that way. And we have lots of other ways. We're different. We have those wonderful compliments, but we're aligned with the big life stuff. Like, neither of us want children. for example. If she wanted to have 5 babies and I didn't, that'd be a problem or vice versa. okay. And then the third question you wanna ask yourself, about a given woman is will we grow together? Like, can you close your eyes and imagine the 2 of you growing together complementing each other? because if a relationship isn't growing, then it's dying. There's really no in between. So if you answered no to any of those three questions, There's a very good chance that you're not with the right person. You may be settling, or it may just be the wrong time for you. So that's good to just know those 3 core questions. But if you answered yes to those 3 questions, then it's time to Give her the boyfriend experience. Let's talk about that. So here are 7 ways to make her your partner. If she's the 1, here's how you can get it done, or here's the best way to to try, and we'll see where you are at the end of these. The first way or the first step is number 1, build trust. Virtually all women want to trust their man. who wouldn't. Right? She likely won't wanna become your girlfriend unless she can trust you. So communicate openly, be vulnerable, listen, be consistent in your actions, admit your mistakes, tell the truth to quote, David Data, from the way of the superior man, women deserve truth and love, truth and love. So give her your truth, give her your love. Bill in other words, builds trust. Number 2 is you want to bring her into your social circle. I'm with the woman who became my girlfriend. We're not together now, but back in the day, she was my girlfriend. Her name is Diana, And I met Diana in a bookstore in a self help section. And like many women of Asian heritage, she's beautiful, But what really struck me about her was her bravery, her sense of adventure. That's what wowed me. She had just moved to New York from halfway around the world to start a new career in the US, and I was just so impressed by that. And so I was very excited about meeting her. And, basically, by our second, our actually, it was our second date. I said to myself, this is totally a girlfriend. possibility here. So I wanted to invite her into my social circle. So what I did is for our second date, I invited her to sit in with my pub trivia team. called trivia Newton John, because Pub trivia is awesome. By the way, fun fact as a pub trivia nerd, did you know that blood donors in Sweden are sent a text when their blood is used. Fun fact. Anyway, I wanted Diana to see what my life was like. I wanted her to see my nerdy, pub trivia, dorky trivia friends, nerdy friends. And I wanted her to. I wanted her to meet my friends, And I just wanted her to get a feel for what it would be like to be my partner. And so that way she could say, hey. I'm very much into entering this guy's world, if she felt that way.



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And if she didn't feel that way, I wanted her to have that information too because I'm totally fine with a woman getting a snapshot of what it's like to date me and say, hey. You know what? Not really a good fit for me. That's okay. Nothing wrong with that. So, anyway, by the time we were done with that second, third date, we were both on that boyfriend, girlfriend, Path, and pretty soon we were dating exclusively. So, introduce your potential girlfriend to your pals. your coworkers. You can even introduce her to your family. I'm not saying you have to have a big family dinner with mom and dad on the second or third date. but you could totally invite her to a family get together. Meet your brothers and sisters. Meet your friends. and if you don't have much of a social circle, then you wanna get on that. Because if you, if you wanna invite a wonderful woman into your awesome life, then you have to have an awesome life into which you would invite her. I think that was proper grammar. You tell me. Okay. Step number 3 is do boyfriend girlfriend stuff, even in the early courtship phase, like beginning with date 3 or 4, you can do boyfriend girlfriend stuff. You know, after a few, quote, regular dates, you know, you can help her like, ask her to help you pick out jeans. You can go to the gym together, go grocery shopping, take a yoga class together, you could say, hey. Let's cook dinner at my place. Meet me at Whole Foods. and you, all of a sudden, you're whipping up a dinner together, even if it's your 3rd or 4th date, that's gonna put her in and that's gonna let her feel, see and feel what it's like to be in your life as your partner. And if she likes it, she loves it, guess what? You guys are on that boyfriend girlfriend's path, that partner path. And there's a bonus to this, which is this breaks up the monotony or the predictable let's do drinks model updating, and it gives her some nice romantic variety. Richard did this with Sharrah. and he said how much she liked that. They weren't just going out for drinks, they were doing stuff like going sneak or shopping together and doing couple type stuff. And that allowed her to feel, hey. This is what it is, this is what it would be to be with Richard full time, and she liked what she saw. Okay. Tip number 4 or 7, the 4th of 7 ways to make her your to make her your partner is to make her feel safe by, quote, manning up. What do I mean by that? When do you intend to date guys who make them feel safe? This makes sense. Right? Evolution has basically selected men to be the protectors. Now unlike your homo sapien ancestors, you don't need a spear or to kill the saber tooth tiger, right, or to impress your partner, you just wanna do some manly stuff, but non toxic, manly stuff. So do some, like, manly stuff And that's a way to sort of let her feel like, hey. This is a great tribal leader I might want to couple up with. hear a bunch of ways to man up, make her feel safe. First of all, be fit. Women like mussels doesn't mean you have to be a bodybuilder, but just be fit. Women will notice that. My girlfriend, Jess, look, I do not have a massive body, tons of muscles on my body at all. I'm a skinny ginger, but I have pretty nice arms. I guess I have nice triceps, and she often notices my nice arms, and she likes it. Makes her feel safe. Makes her feel like I'm a strong-ish man. What else can you do? catch the mouse, relocate that spider, be the guy who's squashing or relocating the bug in the bathroom, catching a mouse. Women love that. change your tire. Do around the stuff, guy's stuff if you're good at that. drive stick, rent a car together, take a trip, make it a stick shift, and handle all the details. be the one to lock the front door before bed. I remember my ex once told me how she just liked that I was the one turning off all the lights and clicking the lock and then I got into bed with us. That just made her feel safe and protected. even just little things like offering her your coats, you can place oh, here's here's a cool little move. just act assertively setting date plans. like, hey. We're doing dinner Friday, 8 o'clock at that Italian place you like. Sounds good? Women love that, carrying her to the bedroom once you're getting into the intimate space, fixing stuff around the house, I am no Bob Vila. That's for sure. But I once changed a date's light fixture. And before I was off the step ladder, she was dragging me into our room because she was just so turned on by me doing guy stuff. So find ways great and small to do man to do manly things. Okay. number 5. number 5 is show her your generous side. What I mean by that is to be a good tipper. Women noticed that. and letting her know in an unbossful way about your interests and charities or volunteering can be powerful. Richard learned this. Now he didn't do this as a move, but he did it because he's just an honest authentic guy. And so Richard is big into volunteer work. He donates money to fight animal cruelty. He also does regular charity work with the Ronald McDonald House, which helps sick kids. And he was telling me how once, Sharma heard about this or he shared this with her in the right way, not a bragging way, but oh, hey. Yeah. These were the things I'm into. She he said, wow. That she just turned a putty. Be and, hey, women want women want Yes. Women want confident guys. Women want men who can flirt, but they also want a guy who's kind, who's giving, who's generous. So look for ways, great and small, to be generous. Be a good tipper. women notice things like what you wrote on the check for the tip. They noticed how much money you left for the bartender. They noticed whether or not you put a buck in the tip jar at the coffee place. So just know that they're watching and be generous. And just do it because it's the right thing to do, but as an added bonus, as it's also attractive to women and makes her say to herself, yeah. I want a generous giving eye to be my boyfriend. number 6, schedule at least 1 date per week, maybe 2. Because the more often you see here, the more it feels like a real ship. So minimum 1 day to week, and you can even do 2 if you guys were really getting close. 2 or 3 even if you know you want to be in a relationship. Number 7 is a big one, which pops the question. Think about making her your girlfriend sort of like a miniature proposal. You popped the question just like you would if you were getting engaged. The good news is it's not nearly as scary as that. but it will create some butterflies. So after you've been dating for, say, a month or 2, It's time. Roughly, that's a good time for you to make your couple dumb official. So think about that. Plan ahead. Make it a moment. choose the right place and time to pop that question. a good way to do it would be, you know, during a nice relaxing Sunday in the park, you know, a chill moment between the two of you as opposed to in some loud bar. Be sincere, speak from the heart, and tell her how much you enjoy her and what she's added to your life. Now a lot of guys ask me, should I use the l word? Maybe. It depends. If you feel it, Absolutely. You can absolutely let her know that you love her. If you don't, that can come later. You don't have to say I love you before you become a couple. It really depends on you and her and how you both communicate. But what you could say is something like this. Something like, hey. I'm crazy about you. And especially I love the way you and then fill in the blank with something specific you love about her. Her sense of humor, her heart, her kindness, with my girlfriend, Jess, it would be something like, hey. I love the way you volunteer with cats. Every Saturday, you have such a big heart that you give to charity, that you're so funny and witty, and funnier and whittier than me. so, yeah, insert something specific that's personalized toward her and then say, I don't wanna date anybody else. I wanna be your boyfriend, and I would love it if you were my girlfriend. Or if you prefer the word, I would love to be your partner. I'd like to know if you wanna be my partner, my person. Would you like to be my partner? And if she says yes, celebrate, laugh, kiss, grope, rip each other's clothes off. If you're in a park, wait till you get home. That's my advice. absolutely celebrate in other words. Celebrate your couple dumb. If she says no, in the event she says, no. That will probably sting, but that's okay. Listen. What are her reasons? Does she need more time? Is she not ready for something serious, or does she just need more time? No matter what she says, even if it's no or not yet, Be proud of yourself for going for it because that's what radically authentic men do. They go for what they want in a win-win way. And if you and she both want it, fantastic. If she's not ready yet, that's okay. You went for it, and let's see what tomorrow brings. anyway. yeah. So when I was struggling with women back when I was first learning how to date and I was struggling, I always thought that having a quote, unquote rotation was gonna make me happy. Don't get me wrong. It was definitely exciting and fun, and my ego loved it. but it didn't make me happy. having 3, 4, 5 girls in my life at any given time, being a little bit of a player, which was a phase I went through, That did not make me fulfilled. Not in any kind of long term way, anyway. and I'm totally cool with dating around for a while. getting a quote, unquote abundance of success with women. But what I've learned is that sex without love, sex without that true connection, that's just candy for the ego. It's a sugar rush, but there's no real nourishment there. So just know that dating to gratify your ego is not gonna fulfill you because it's all about you. Real romantic fulfillment comes from growing with and giving to a really wonderful partner. So give her the boyfriend experience. cool. Alright. Thank you so much for listening. As always, if you have any questions for me, you can shoot me an email at ask me any dating questions. I will answer it on this podcast if I can until we speak again. Remember, Women out there, they already wanna date you. They're already attracted to you. They just need to meet the real authentic you. See you next time.


Thank you for listening to the dating transformation podcast. For lots of free tips, videos, and other goodies, Go to dating See you next time.


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