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You want to know what to say on Tinder


Here are 3 secrets for online dating success, from a dating expert

If you’re like a lot of guys, Tinder and online dating is a struggle for you. Do ANY of these problems sound familiar?

You swipe and swipe but get few matches & dates.

You’re not sure what to say on Tinder.

Women ghost you or don’t reply at all.

You’re not sure what to text girls.

You get some dates, but not with the quality of women you want.

You mostly hear from fake accounts or bots.

Hey, take it from a dating coach: When you struggle on Tinder, Bumble, Match, OKCupid or any other dating app, it can feel like kryptonite for your confidence. All those wasted swipes and wasted hours can make you feel like you’re not enough for attractive women—not tall enough or handsome enough or rich enough … not SOMETHING enough.

And if think you’re not enough, the deeper fear is that you’ll end up alone, or you’ll settle for someone you’re not that into.

Well, I think it’s JUST PLAIN WRONG for a good guy to struggle with online dating. Life’s too short to NOT have a great girlfriend, to NOT have confidence, to NOT feel attractive.

Hey, I get it. I used to have zero Tinder and online-dating results. I was lonely and dejected, endlessly swiping with no luck. My low point? I started messaging with the ONE GIRL who liked me, but we lived on opposite coasts. To surprise her, I flew 3,000 miles—New York to San Francisco—and showed up bearing red roses and Victoria’s Secret lingerie. (I know. Smooth, right?)

When she learned I’d traveled cross-country to see her, she ghosted me. And no wonder—I was needy and desperate.

In that moment, I felt rejected by ALL women.

But hitting rock bottom can be a good thing. I made a decision to become GREAT at online dating and attracting women. So I spent years studying with the world’s top experts. I learned every tip, trick and hack for what works on Tinder and other dating apps, and soon my results skyrocketed.

On Tinder alone I started matching with 200-plus women per week, most of them beautiful, high-quality women. I remember a 3-day weekend when I had seven dates with seven gorgeous girls—and six of them were into me!

I almost couldn’t believe this was my dating life.

After sewing some wild oats, I fell for a bright, beautiful woman. Playing the field is fun for a while, but there’s nothing like a connected, committed relationship.

So, you’re asking: What works on Tinder and other apps?

How do you get matches, dates and a great girlfriend?

It comes down to eight simple words:

Make your profile magnetic, and attract amazing women.

A boring profile is the enemy of online-dating results. You MUST stand out to capture women’s attention because they’re inundated with hundreds of digital come-ons every week.

You see, at its essence, online dating is digital marketing, with YOU as the product. If your Tinder profile blends in with all the others—bathroom selfies, poor lighting, “long walks on the beach”—you become invisible to women, and they swipe left.

Let me repeat: Your problem is NOT your looks, height or money. Your problem is NOT that “dating apps just don’t work.” And the problem is NOT that you don’t know what to say on Tinder.

Your REAL issue? A boring, forgettable profile. As I tell my clients, “If women snooze, you lose.”

This is GREAT news because you’re off the hook. It’s not you, it’s your marketing. And it’s 100% fixable. The solution?

Make your profile magnetic, and attract amazing women.

As someone who’s a dating expert who’s studied success with women for a decade, I can tell you that 90 percent of guys do online-dating WRONG. So when you fix the REAL problem, you get an edge on almost ALL THE OTHER GUYS.

To give you that dating edge, I created a step-by-step system that makes you magnetic to women—even if you’re not tall, rich or great-looking. (Hey, I’m a professional dating coach, and I look like a cross between Ron Howard and the Heat Miser.)

Let’s go deeper. My step-by-step system uses 3 TINDER SECRETS for instant results.


Your featured photo should be what I call a “pattern interrupter.” On Tinder and dating apps, women fall into a kind of swiping hypnosis, seeing the same sorts of photos over and over—shirtless selfies, backwards caps, fishing pics aplenty. These photos are mediocre, NOT magnetic, and they’re costing you dates with wonderful women.

Instead, you must interrupt her pattern and capture her attention before she swipes left. One great option is to feature a professional-quality portrait for your main photo—one that makes you the star of your profile. (No group shots. No shadowy selfies. No exceptions.)

As a test, I used a so-so selfie as my primary Tinder photo. The result? I swiped right 100 times and got 3 measly matches. Why? It’s a forgettable photo, with my face in shadow—and women are deluged with selfies.

Then I replaced it with a quality portrait taken by my staff photographer Juliet, an expert at profile photos. I’m no pretty boy, but this shot shows me at my most magnetic: nicely-lit, well-dressed and smiling, my head angled to accentuate my jawline.

After 100 right-swipes with this featured pic, I received not one, not 10, but 27 matches, and 19 of them were from super-cute girls! One small change took me from 3 to 27 matches—an 800% increase. Like I said…

Make your profile magnetic, and attract amazing women.


Hacking Tinder’s algorithm is like cracking the combination at Fort Knox—it pays off BIG. Tinder assigns every profile a secret score based on many factors, such as engagement level and number of matches. A boring, poor-performing profile lowers your score, and the algorithm stops showing you to the true stunners.

This is a BIG REASON why you’re not matching with more high-quality women. They’re not even seeing you! (And for those who do see you—well, that bathroom-mirror selfie isn’t helping.)

But when your profile is magnetic, your Tinder rating skyrockets, the algorithm shows you to the most sought-after women—and you get matches with the 9s and 10s.


Here’s something no one told you: Your online-dating results are only as good as the weakest link in your “chain.”
Yes, a magnetic featured photo is vital, and so is hacking the algorithm. But other key elements MUST be handled or you’ll never date the kinds of women you want. You DEFINITELY need the right combo of quality photos, or else most women will still swipe left. You’ll need a profile that conveys your personality, or else, “If women snooze, you lose.” You’ll need openers that capture girls’ attention, or else they won’t write back. You’ll need a strategy for how and when to ask women out, or else you won’t get dates.

Oh! And you need the secret to flirting and connecting on the first date, or else it’s “Hello, friend zone.”

The good news? Once you strengthen all the links in the chain, you can leave your profile alone, because you’re set. Women chase YOU. Your life looks like this: grab your phone, choose the coolest, cutest girl from dozens of new quality matches, and have a great date. It’s that simple.

So if you’re tired of struggling to get matches and dates… If you’re sick of girls ghosting or flaking…If you want to date amazing women and get a great girlfriend… Then you can spend a day with me and change your life.

On Saturday, March 9th, 2019, in New York City, I’m conducting a live, 1-day event called TINDER & ONLINE DATING MASTERY. You’ll walk out the door with a STEP-BY-STEP ROADMAP to attract amazing women on Tinder, Bumble, Match, or any app. You’ll learn a structured framework that will end your dating frustration and get you the kind of girlfriend who makes your buddies jealous.

A total makeover of your Tinder profile to get you at least 10 matches per day, every day
A field-tested system to get you up to 3 dates per week with beautiful women
My devious Tinder-algorithm hacks that attract perfect 10s
No less than 47 copy-and-paste openers that make girls want to write you back
The “7 Super Secrets” for results on ALL the apps—Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid and more
The caption to write on your photo that doubles your matches
A 5-minute mindset exercise to build towering confidence
My “10 Texting Commandments” to get girls out on dates
A step-by-step roadmap to make her your girlfriend

Now, you may be thinking, “Connell, this sounds amazing, but online dating has never worked for me. And I don’t know what to say on Tinder.”

That’s what my client Kevin said. A 47-year-old small-business owner, Kevin was having ZERO success on dating apps. Well, we took some magnetic photos of him, and I showed him my algorithm hacks. Within a day he’d matched 23 times, and one night later he was clinking wine glasses with a tall, leggy brunette—his first of many dates with beautiful women.

Transforming a regular guy’s online-dating results is a day at the office for me.

So to register, just click below, and I’ll do the rest!


One last thing: If you’re anything like I was back when I struggled with women, you never tell yourself this, so allow me:
You. Are. Enough.

You’re enough to attract amazing women, to get a great girlfriend, and to start today. NOT tomorrow. NOW.
Remember, the REAL enemy is not your looks, height or money. It’s a boring profile. So make it magnetic and attract amazing women.
How many more matches and dates will you miss out on? How many more beautiful women will swipe-left on your profile and date OTHER guys, while you’re home alone on weekend nights?
How many more times are you gonna be without a girlfriend at Christmas, on New Year’s Eve, on Valentine’s Day?
It’s a NEW YEAR, so decide to have a NEW DATING LIFE. Don’t put this off. This is important. This is your love life. This is about finding a deep, lasting connection with an amazing woman. In fact, I’ll go farther:
The skills you’ll learn at this event will attract the woman you end up spending your life with.
I could give you 77 Tinder tips, and it wouldn’t matter. You don’t need countless Tinder tips. You need a step-by-step roadmap that takes you from where you are to where you want to go.
This day will change everything. I hope to see you in New York City on Saturday, March 9th, 2019. So let’s take action together. Click below to register now:


-Connell 🙂

P.S. True fact! There are LESS THAN 100 SEATS LEFT, and this is the only New York event I’m doing this year. So book soon, or you may be stuck in the Land of No Matches and Dates.

P.P.S. This is not JUST about getting girls. It’s about becoming who you were meant to be. So register now and join me. Talk soon!