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As a dating coach who helps men attract amazing women by being more authentic, I love having stimulating conversations about dating success.

I recently had a fantastic experience appearing on Good Morning LaLa Land, a fun, lively TV talk show in Los Angeles. The show is all about empowerment and living a better life. We discussed how men can attract cool, classy women and do it with total integrity.

It was a blast. The co-hosts—Dr. Erin Haskell, Robert Mack and Jezlan Moyet—asked insightful questions about how men can escape the dreaded “friend zone.” (Erin, Robert, and Jezlan, you have a GREAT show, and I can’t wait to come back on.)

Halfway through the Good Morning LaLa Land interview, Jezlan asked a great question: What can women do to be less intimidating to men?

The answer? Nothing. Women don’t need to change a thing. As I tell my clients, men need to make a shift.

What holds the typical guy back from dating success is self-doubt. He doubts that women will like him for who he is. He thinks he needs to be richer, cooler, taller.

What he doesn’t realize is that being attractive is not about looks, height, money or pickup lines. Women want to date a man who has the courage be himself—to be authentic.

To escape the friend zone and attract amazing women, men need to become what I call “radically authentic.” That’s what I do as a coach—show them how to put their real, most authentic, most attractive self out there.

For more, check out my Good Morning LaLa Land segment, because we talk in a LOT more depth.

Why am I going on TV to talk about dating? To preach the gospel of authenticity and integrity. I want men to see that they can go from dating frustration to connecting with incredible women, and do it as a gentleman with class—and zero “PUA” sketchiness.

All it takes it becoming radically authentic. It will transform a guy’s dating results forever. 🙂

Hope you like the video!

Connell Barrett

Founder & Executive Coach

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Connell Barrett is a NYC dating coach, helping men around the world learn how to attract amazing women. His dating advice has appeared in publications such as O Magazine, Maxim and Cosmopolitan. Schedule a free consultation with Connell here.

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