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Dating Advice: Connell Barrett Discusses Confidence and Authenticity with

I’m psyched to share this. has done a feature story on me and how I help guys date amazing women by being more authentic.  

Here’s the link:

dating advice from Connell Barrett and DatingAdvice.comThe feature talks about my main message: any guy can attract amazing women by harnessing the power of his authenticity—no games and no manipulative “pickup” tricks. It’s dating with total integrity. And there's no better dating advice than that.

Women like men they can connect with. Trying to put up a facade is also not a great way to figure out how to pick up girls. You don't need to have washboard abs and a charming smile to attract amazing women. Whatever you have inside of you is enough, it just needs to be amplified. I talk about how to date with authenticity in the article so give it a read.

Oh, and a shout-out to Editor in Chief Hayley Matthews—her team did a fantastic piece. She oversees an awesome site with 23 million users, and there are tons of tips and strategies for dating success.

Any guy who’s unhappy with his love life and wants to attract amazing women—while being his REAL self—should check it out:

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