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7 Tinder Myths

What to Say on Tinder: Myths Exposed

7 Tinder Myths from a dating coach to get more matches

I hear a lot of the same comments and questions over and over again.

How do you text a girl?

What’s the best way to approach?

Tell me what to say on Tinder!

Got any good Tinder tips?

tinder tips and tricksAs a dating coach, I hear the last one a LOT. Because the truth is, most men don’t approach and chat up women, and it’s not hard to see why. Tinder and other dating apps have made it easier than ever to meet women and set up a date, with just a few swipes.

(I was recently watching a fascinating documentary on HBO called “Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age.” Early in the program, some young, attractive women complain that men never approach them anymore. They miss it. It makes guys stand out more than ever. So Tinder has not only changed the way we date; it’s made it easier than ever to attract a woman by walking up and saying hello.)

Here’s the thing about Tinder: Most guys do it wrong. I know this because Tinder and online dating comprise a foundational part of my teaching. Guys come to me for Tinder tips all the time.

Most men on Tinder are not getting matches, or if they are, they’re not matching with high-quality women they want. Or if they are matching with the kinds of girls they want, they’re having a tough time getting them out on dates. Or if they are getting dates with awesome women, these guys are all too often getting stuck in the dreaded friend zone.

So Tinder is a paradox. It’s made dating seem easier than ever, yet it can seem harder than ever.

The bad news for guys is, it’s a buyer’s market for women. There are more girls than guys out there trying to swipe their way to love.

happy man - tinder tips and tricksBut the good news for you is that most men do Tinder and online dating wrong. They have terrible photos, or their profile is hurting them, or they don’t know how to message with a woman to set up a date.

If you learn the right game-changing hacks that really make a difference with women, you’ll soon shoot to the top of the Tinder feeds of the kinds of women you want to date: bright, beautiful women who looking to connect with a great guy.

Here’s a great place to start — an article I wrote for Swagger Magazine, about 7 of the biggest Tinder myths. It contains some tried and true Tinder tips and tricks, and it will help you always know what to say on Tinder. Click here to read it.

Connell Barrett is an acclaimed New York dating coach for men. He's appeared on shows such as Access Hollywood and the Today Show and in publications such as Maxim and Cosmopolitan. Connell helps men attract the women of their dreams through unlocking their authentic selves. Chat with Connell here.

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