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Tinder Tips For More Matches And Dates
Dating coach Connell Barrett answers your questions on Tinder tips for writing a great bio, shaking off rejection, and how to never be “creepy” when you approach   TINDER TIPS Connell, I need some Tinder tips. There are so many beautiful women on Tinder, but I barely get any matches. Any advice? —Louie, 27, Virginia Beach    When it comes to Tinder tips, there’s…
Friend Zoned No More! How to Spark Attraction on Dates
Dating coach Connell Barrett answers your questions on creating attraction instead of being friend zoned, getting more Tinder matches, and why looks don’t matter to women.   FRIEND ZONED Connell, I keep getting friend zoned. It’s frustrating because women seem to be into me before we meet, but I don’t get second dates. How do I keep from getting friend zoned?  —Craig, 37, Miami…
Dating Tips for Shy Guys
Dating coach Connell Barrett answers your questions on how introverted men can succeed with women, a smooth way to ask a girl out, and the secret to approaching with total confidence. Here are dating tips for shy guys. Dating Tips for Shy Guys Connell, I’m a pretty introverted, and that’s always held me back with women. I don’t like going to bars, clubs, etc.…
5 Flirty First-Date Questions that Increase Attraction
Dating coach Connell Barrett answers your questions on spicing up first dates, the secret to quality matches on Tinder, and how “ugly” guys can attract beautiful women. We'll start with 5 flirty first-date questions that'll take you from connecting to romancing. Flirty First Date Questions I have a lot of nerves and anxiety before a date because I’m not sure what to talk about.…
Social Distance Date Ideas
Dating coach Connell Barrett answers your questions on finding love during the pandemic, getting girls to reply to your texts, and how to make your approaches (almost) rejection-proof. Read about social distance date ideas and more in the article below. Social Distance Date Ideas Do you have any tips on social distance date ideas? And when I like a woman, when is it OK…
How to Get Out of the Friend Zone
Connell Barrett answers your questions on igniting romantic chemistry, gaining confidence, and dating-app openers that women love. Learn how to get out of the friend zone. HOW TO GET OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE Most of my first dates end with me basically hearing, “You seem nice, but I just didn’t feel the chemistry.” Any tips on how to get out of the friend…
Dating Books For Men: 6 Books To Give You Unstoppable Confidence & Romantic Connections
When it comes to dating books for men, it's important to be selective. Dating is much more than cheesy pickup lines or picking the perfect date spot. It's about confidence in yourself and connection with the other person. It's also about improving yourself. The more you better yourself, the more attractive and desirable you'll be to women. Believe it or not, guys who do…
How To Get A Girl The Right Way
If you're expecting an article on how to get a girl with pickup lines, you've come to the wrong place, my friend. Take it from me, a professional NYC dating coach, there's a better way. The best way to get a girl is to be genuine. That probably sounds pretty opposite to the advice you're used to hearing from your friends, am I right?…
Online Dating Coach Advice: Here's How To Get More Matches
TAKE IT FROM AN ONLINE DATING COACH—ONLINE DATING ISN’T REALLY “DATING.” IT’S DIGITAL MARKETING. For matches and dates on Tinder, Bumble and other apps, you need to get good at digital marketing. Until you walk into that bar to meet, you’re not really “dating” women. You’re marketing to them. There are more men on dating apps than women Take it from someone who’s been…
Dating During A Pandemic
Need a guide to dating during a pandemic? Here are 9 tips to keep your dating life looking up as you hunker down. Dating can be hard in the best of times but, right now as much of America shelters (and shudders) in place, you’re probably more uncertain than ever about finding an amazing woman. Here’s a silver lining: There have never been more…
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